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COVID-19 and FAQs

Please contact if you experience difficulties accessing online resources.


If you have any queries about the return to school in September, please read these FAQs first. We hope these will answer most questions. If you haven’t found the answer you require, please submit your query using this form.

Important Information

Covid-19 Related Absence from school – a Quick Guide for Parents 

Protocol for Visitors to Cambourne Village College 


What is the plan for the return to school in September?

A comprehensive video has been created by Mrs Coates, Principal - access the video [or presentation]

The following documents may also be useful:

September Parent Information

September Pupil Information Presentation

Attendance and Absence Guidance - DfE


What is the timetable for week commencing 14th September?

Year 7:  8.30am - 2.40pm

Year 8:  8.30am - 2.45pm

Year 9:  8.30am - 2.50pm

Year 10: 8.20am - 2.55pm

Year 11:  8.30am - 3.00pm


Do I have to send my child to school?

School attendance will again be mandatory from the beginning of the academic year. If your child is of compulsory school age, you have a legal duty to send your child to school. Our school is Covid-19 compliant. Please see these documents for more information:

September Parent Information

Attendance and Absence Guidance - DfE


My child is extremely clinically vulnerable and needs to shield. Will I have to send them to school?

We are working closely with the families of children who are shielding due to medical guidance. We expect those children to continue to shield at home and will support them with their learning remotely.


I'm anxious about my child returning to school in September.  Is there someone I can talk to?

Please contact us via your child's year team if you, or your child are anxious about the return to school. Year group contact details can be found here.  Most staff are currently on their summer break but support will be available towards the end of the holiday and from the beginning of term.


Do I have to send my child to school even if someone at home is displaying Covid-19 symptoms?

It is imperative that your child (and the rest of the household) self isolates in accordance with government guidance, and that you contact NHS England.  You must contact school immediately if your child or a member of your household develops symptoms: report the absence and your child may not return until the required period of self-isolation has been served.  You will not need to report the absence every day during the notified quarantine period.  


Do I need to provide my child with PPE?

In light of the recent developments in government guidance, we ask that pupils bring an appropriate mask and a sealable plastic bag for its storage to school each day.  They will not generally be asked to wear these, since pupils will be working within their bubble, but they may be asked to wear them occasionally.  Training will be given on how to wear and store masks safely.  We do not encourage pupils to wear masks around school or in classrooms; if you have a particular reason for your child to need to wear a mask at school, please contact your year team so that this can be recorded.  Pupil Premium pupils will be issued with a mask if required.

Staff are recommended to wear visors at school.  Some may also be wearing masks; these teachers are aware of the possible communication difficulties that may ensue  and will take measures to mitigate these. Our first aid staff will wear PPE when dealing with emergency situations. PPE will also be worn in situations where a child or member of staff develops suspected Covid-19 symptoms.


What is the "bubble system" and how will it and social distancing work at Cambourne VC?

As explained in the information video of July: significant control measures have been implemented.  Pupils will remain largely within designated year group areas, each having their own discrete classrooms, outdoor areas, toilets and dining facilities.  Subject teachers will circulate around  the pupils’ classrooms and remain in marked-out areas at the front of the room, 2 metres distant from pupils.  Pupils will not be socially distanced from each other within their area, but will be socially distanced from other year groups and from staff, as much as possible.   Pupils will sit in rows, facing forward.  Group work will not take place inside.  This is in accordance with the Government’s ‘bubble’ principle which enables rapid identification of contacts if a case of coronavirus occurs.   Some classes in Key Stage 4 will continue to take place in specialist rooms which will be cleaned between different bubbles’ use. 

An enhanced cleaning regime is in place, with frequently-touched surfaces and toilets prioritised for additional cleaning during the school day.. Records will be kept of seating to assist with Track & Trace.


I have children in different year groups.  Can they see each other during the day?

Whilst we appreciate that we have many sets of siblings in school, we ask that they remain within their bubbles during the course of the school day.


My child is taking more practical subjects.  How will this impact those lessons?

Unfortunately, at the start of this new academic year, there will be fewer practical lessons in Key Stage 3.  Instead, theoretical course content will be concentrated at the start of the year. We hope that we will be able to lift restrictions as the year progresses and reintroduce more practical lessons.


What about access to specialist rooms, such as Art rooms and laboratories?

We will limit access to specialist rooms to pupils in Years 10 and 11, with additional cleaning between year groups/ bubbles.


Won't the corridors be busy?

Most movement will be via the outside of school. We will also have more one-way systems in place.


What about break and lunchtime?

Pupils will be using their social areas and lunch will be eaten in year groups. There will be no mixing of year groups in areas such as the library.


Will my child have a reduced curriculum?

We aim to return to our normal timetable by the second week back in September.  We are not planning to drop any subjects from our usual timetable.


What if my child has fallen behind during lockdown?

Departments have been working hard at developing their "Recovery Curriculum". Our staff will be assessing pupil knowledge and skills, and seeking to address any knowledge gaps at appropriate times over the next year.


How will pupil work be marked? Will the teachers be taking exercise books home?

We will continue to use technology to support out teaching. We will continue to ask pupils to submit work via their iPads (Yr7-10) and school iPads (Yr11) where possible.


Will my child be able to borrow equipment?

It is important that we avoid the sharing of equipment as much as possible. We ask that pupils please attend school with their own pencil cases (and if possible, their own glue and blunt-nosed scissors).


Will my child be able to use books in schools?

Books and resources can be shared within year groups/ bubbles, and we will support this with enhanced cleaning. Library books may be borrowed, with books quarantined according to guidance, even if they have only been touched while browsing. We will also be encouraging the use of eBooks.


Is there any additional equipment I should provide?

Please could you provide your child with a pair of headphones/earphones with a 3.5mm jack. Masks should be in sealable plastic bags.  It would be helpful if all pupils could have a personal bottle of sanitiser, 60% alcohol content.


Where can I buy uniform? What do pupils need to wear?

Information about school uniform can be found here.

If you have any financial difficulties providing uniform please contact Mrs Katie Reynolds in confidence.

Students will be required to wear school uniform as usual.  Extra layers worn invisibly under the polo shirt might be helpful since we are keeping the building very well ventilated! There have been some gaps in provision from our suppliers but these should affect very few pupils – please let your year team know of any difficulties you may have.

On days when students have PE, they will be required to attend school in their PE kit and change into normal uniform after a morning PE lesson. Additional layers may be worn if the weather conditions require, in accordance with the PE department policy.  

ID badges are an essential part of school uniform, especially as we have many  new teachers this term.  They are worn fixed to the front of the school jumper just under the V, or beneath the buttons of the polo shirt if no jumper is worn.


Will my child be able to buy food at school?

Our caterers, Pabulum, will be returning in September. There will be a reduced range of food on offer, but hot and cold options will be available. Free School Meals will be provided. For the first few weeks of term there will be no food available to purchase at breaktime. Please send your child with a snack if needed.


Will my child be able to take musical instrument lessons?

These will start in the third week of term.  Please contact Ben Mulholland with any queries:


Will there be any trips?

Sadly, there are no school trips planned for the first term, nor will there be Curriculum Extension Days at the end of the first half term. We hope to be able to offer additional trips later in the school year.


Will there be any clubs for my child to join?

We hope to start some after-school activities for discrete year groups after the first 3 weeks of term. 


Will I be able to meet my child's form tutor or subject teacher?

Parent consultations are an essential part of school provision and will continue in a virtual format while COVID restrictions remain in place.  These events will be advertised as usual and sets of remote appointments booked with teachers using the usual online system.   The school will be prioritising year groups who were unable to have a consultation during the period of school closure.

Contact with members of staff will be by telephone or Microsoft Teams meeting wherever possible.  Please do not visit the school without an appointment; we are severely short of meeting spaces because of the need to socially-distance staff offices, so meetings must be planned in advance.

Visitors to the school are required to wear a face-covering and to sanitise hands on arrival.