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School Closure - Education at Home

Revised Timetables for Years 7 – 9 from Monday 27 April

Revised Timetable for Year 10 from Monday 1st June

Timetables can be found on year group pages.


Looking at how students have worked in the first three weeks of online learning, and listening to feedback from families, our aim is for this to make learning meaningful for all pupils, manageable for those who were finding it difficult to access or to get through the day’s work (for a host of understandable reasons), and ambitious and stretching for those who are wanting to go further. The changes are as follows:

Year 9

We have moved students into their Options groups. This is so that the work they are doing helps them towards the courses they’ll start in September. We hope this will mean their learning plays to their interests and strengths. They won’t necessarily be starting the Key Stage 4 courses now; often this will be about giving work that will lead them towards those courses – bridging the gap between Key Stage 3 and 4 - and mean that they’re in a really strong position in September.

History will remain as a Core subject that all pupils must study. This is because the study of the Holocaust is statutory: all pupil have to learn about it at Key Stage 3, and this is the point of the year at which our curriculum covers it. It is clearly a hugely important part of their education; very careful thought has gone into how to make sure this is appropriate in the context of distance learning. Those opting to study History as an Option will be given bridging work in their Option slot.

Students will receive an email today confirming their Options subjects. Students who have been given a reserve subject have already had this confirmed.

Years 7 and 8

Drama now features on the timetable, whereas Music is now optional – this is so that children with the resources and interest to have a go at the practical Music tasks can do so, but those without shouldn’t worry.

PE will also set an optional challenge activity, to be attempted at any point during the week. The optional lessons are set as ‘Announcements’ on Show My Homework, so look out for these.

There are three learning slots (beyond the morning PE, reading and numeracy). This is so that those who were finding the day’s work overwhelming will hopefully manage it more easily, and so that pupils can spend longer on tasks that they are interested in, if they want to. 

Extension and Enrichment

We know that some pupils are keen to go further. We think it is most sensible to set work that can be achieved by all, with a range of optional activities that are genuinely stretching, interesting and ambitious for those who want them. Pupils may already have had a go at some of the History and RPE activities, for example, that have been shared on the website and on social media.

Now, a range of extension tasks will be set each week on the CATalogue homepage. Pupils can have a go at all or any of these, and follow instructions in each case as to how to share their learning with teachers.

Changes to Teachers

Some of these changes will mean that pupils are now being set work by, or asked to submit work to, a different teacher to previously. They should make sure that they follow instructions given to them in each subject about this.

For whom is the school remaining open?

There has been a separate communication about who fits the categories of vulnerable students and children of key workers; please refer to this and respond if your child meets those criteria.

What do I do if we have difficulties with online learning?

We are setting up an email helpline for any problems:

Staff will be able to answer questions relating to: remote library systems, Clickview; iPads and student emails / drives; exams; Go4Schools, ShowMyHomework, Hegarty Maths; general support.

How will you check that my child is doing their work?

Students will submit work to us via ShowMyHomework. We will mark and assess work and give students feedback so that they make progress in their learning as usual.

If students do not submit their work, we will indicate this on Go4Schools and make this clear on Home Notes so that you know what they have not completed. We ask that you take responsibility for your child completing work set. Each day we will monitor student completion of work, and if there is an ongoing concern, we will phone you. 

My child has SEND – will he/she be able to do the work set?

A team of Teaching Assistants, directed by the SENCo and Assistant SENCo, will differentiate the work set for children with specific SEND.

Yours sincerely

Emily Moody

Deputy Principal