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Positive Case Procedures

Procedure for dealing with a Positive COVID-19 Case in a Pupil at CamVC

The process that will be followed on notification of a positive case will be led by the circumstances and by advice from the Department for Education, Public Health England and the Local Authority.

In all cases we will:

  • Work quickly but carefully to address the case
  • Liaise with the organisations above to ensure the best/ correct steps are taking place
  • Communicate clearly to parents, pupils and staff
  • Protect the confidentiality of the individual(s) concerned as much as possible
  • Evaluate the steps taken to improve our action plan for a future case where necessary

Likely steps that will be taken:

  • Consultation with the positive case- this will involve a detailed look at all the areas of contact that individual has had in the appropriate time frame: social time, travel to/from school, movements both inside and outside of school, pupil contacts at school, checking of seating plans and who the individual has sat with or near
  • Collation of possible contacts
  • Liaison with LA/ DFE/PHE as to next steps, given the detailed information obtained
  • Contact made with those who have come into contact - pupils and staff - to instruct on self-isolation and time frames for this
  • Work will be set, and details released
  • Rest of school informed of the case. The Year group will not necessarily be given as there are often contacts in multiple years.

Procedure for dealing with a Positive COVID-19 Case in a Member of Staff at CamVC

The same steps as above will be taken where applicable.  Since staff are observing a 2-metre distance from pupils, staff-to-pupil transmission is thought to be unlikely.