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Post-16 Guidance

Summary of guidance to students after GCSE results (Summer 2020)

Students not achieving their offer grades must contact Cambourne Village College in the first instance.

Guidance for those seeking further information about Centre Assessment Grades and the appeals process

Student guide to post-16 qualification results: summer 2020

A guide for those receiving qualification results in England this summer: updated 19 August.



LONG ROAD SIXTH FORM – 01223 631100

HILLS ROAD SIXTH FORM – 01223 247251

CRC – CAMBRIDGE CAMPUS - 01223 418448

CRC – HUNTINGDON CAMPUS – 01480 379213



CAST – 01223 271569

THE OAKES COLLEGE – 01223 242931 ext 216

PARKSIDE SIXTH – 01223 310118

Cambridge Regional College

Students who meet their offer need to check their enrolment date and time on their Start of Year communication. Student who cannot find this can contact the Admissions Team on 01223 418448 for Cambridge / 01480 379213 for Huntingdon or

How can we help?

Our Advice Cafés are here to help students decide what they would like to do with their future once they have their GCSE results. Our staff will be ready to give students the best careers and options advice that we can provide. Whether it is looking at the right course, making a study adjustment based on results or looking

into an Apprenticeship, we can help.

Advice Café Services

Due to the restrictions we are likely to still be facing in August, we are working on ways to make our Advice Cafés safe and accessible for everyone. Therefore, our advice cafés will be able in two ways:

Online Video Sessions - Speak to our advisors privately from home via Zoom video call. There will be no need to book these slots in advance, you will be able to access this service on the day via our website where you will join a waiting room until one of our advisors becomes available. The link to these online sessions will be at

On-Campus Drop-ins - Both our Cambridge and Huntingdon Campuses will be open for limited hours each day so that you can come and meet with our advisors in person if you wish to do so. (We hold the health and safety of our staff, students and visitors to the highest priority and will be following Government guidelines closely.)

*These dates and times are subject to change, please check our website on the day for any updated information.

All up-to-date information regarding our Advice Cafés can be found at

In case the situation changes and we have to provide alternative dates, times or services we recommend that students and parents subscribe to our email alerts to receive information as it becomes available at


College of West Anglia

All students with offers will receive an email (with SMS alert) and letter regarding the start of term, including arrangements for confirming GCSE results and enrolment. This will have been sent out by early August. Classes will start in the week beginning Monday 7 September.

Admissions and customer service staff are available throughout the summer from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday via email and live chat on the website. Further details for contacting individual departments or requesting a telephone call back can be found here: . If students have unexpected exam results, they should make contact as above. 


Comberton Sixth Form

Students will receive information about how to confirm GCSE results. Students who would like to speak to a member of the leadership team about their results or their programme of study can do so on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 August between 10.00am and 3.00pm. The sixth form can be contacted on 01223 265470 or at Information for offer holders:


Bishop Laney

Students holding offers with Bishop Laney should call 01353 652818 once they have their results to discuss their place between 9:30am and 2:30pm. Those whose results mean they need a further discussion will be invited to book a guidance meeting appointment later on Thursday 20th August or Friday 21st August morning. The majority of which will be online, though on-site appointments will be possible if required. Students who wish to discuss a late application or to reinstate an offer, should contact 01353 652818 on Thursday from midday, or between 10am and 3pm on Friday. Anyone with queries can contact us by email throughout the summer to


Hills Road Sixth Form College

In July, all students who have been made an offer will receive instructions about the enrolment process, including how to submit their exam results via an online form by 1pm on Thursday 20 August.

There is no need for applicants to contact the College before enrolment.

  • For the majority of students, enrolment will take place online. Applicants will be required to complete a two-stage process:
    • Stage one: upload their exam results sent/given to them by their school and their photograph.
    • Stage two: once the College has reviewed their exam results, they will receive an email that will explain how to complete enrolment.
  • If an applicant’s results do not meet the entry criteria for their chosen course, they will be emailed by the College (before 3pm on Friday 21 August) with an appointment to attend enrolment at Hills Road on either Monday 24 or Tuesday 25 August. Applicants will be invited to discuss, with the College’s A level specialists, whether or not an offer of a place can be confirmed and in which subjects.

    If possible, students are advised to keep Monday 24 or Tuesday 25 August available, in case we need to discuss their course with them.


Impington International College

All students holding offers will need to complete their enrolment by  21 August at 3pm, via the online Admissions+. All applicants will have been sent all relevant details well in advance to enable enrolment. Please contact the College on the email below if there is a good reason why you are not able to enrol. At the start of term, students wishing to discuss their programme will meet with a senior member of staff.  Contact the Sixth Form on  if you have any questions or wish to discuss GCSE results on results day.


Long Road Sixth Form College

All students who have been made an offer will be sent instructions in July about the whole enrolment process, including how and when to submit their exam results.  

Exam results will need to be submitted, via their Long Road online accounts, by no later than 1pm on 21 August

What happens next:

·         Students who have met the entry requirements for their courses will automatically be sent an enrolment offer to accept.

·         Students who have been sent an enrolment offer, as they have met the entry requirements for their courses, but wish to discuss course changes should get in touch with the Admissions Team (by emailing ) only once they have received their offer which will be any time from 1pm on 21 August onwards; students will then be offered an enrolment interview to discuss their course options.

·         Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements for their original choices, will automatically be invited to guidance interviews to look at an alternative programme with courses that they are qualified to study, wherever possible.


·         GCSE RESULTS: 20 August

·         EXAM RESULTS SUBMITTED BY: 1PM 21 August

·         ENROLMENT including Guidance Interviews: 21-27 August

·         INDUCTION WEEK:  1-4 September

·         TEACHING: starts 7 September

The Oakes College

Students have been sent a letter regarding their enrolment date and time. Students are able to enrol both in person and online.  Any student unable to enrol on their designated time and date should contact the College Office (01223 868327) and make an alternative appointment, or make contact via enrolment

All students must submit a copy of their GCSE Statement of Results to before attending enrolment.

If students would like to speak to a member of staff on GCSE results day, the office will be open from 2 pm-4 pm to take questions and queries.

The College Office will be open following GCSE results day as follows:

24th 25th   26th August (9.30am – 2.30pm)

Students are advised to telephone or email in advance to book an appointment (

Term commences for Year 12 on Thursday 3rd September, we will be teaching our full curriculum in lessons on the college site.


Parkside Sixth

Enrolment at Parkside Sixth will take place at the Eden Centre, 47 City Road, Cambridge on Tuesday  25th August 2020. Due to the current situation invites have been sent with time slots across the day. Should you wish to enrol/discuss an application but do not have an appointment, please contact enquiries. 

Students will need to bring copies of their GCSE results (or equivalent) with them to the meeting, plus a copy of a passport or equivalent documentation as proof of identity.

If students are unable to attend on this day, please contact us to arrange an appointment for the following week. Students who have not met their offer entry requirements should also email us to discuss their options. All enquiries should be to



Students in receipt of offers from CAST have received letters inviting them to timed enrolment meetings on Friday 21st August, if the timing of this is not convenient they should contact the College ( to rearrange the appointment. 

Any students wanting to study L3 courses, but have not previously had an offer from CAST, please contact Laura Lavender at to book an appointment.


West Suffolk College

Students will need to complete an online enrolment form and attach their GCSE results.  They will then be contacted by a member of the curriculum team to confirm their course and start date. This will commence on 20 August, but will continue throughout, so if someone wants to apply late or change their options, that will be fine.

19th August 2020

Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Carers

Release of examination grades

Tomorrow, from 9am, you will be able to log in to Go4Schools to see the examination grades that you have been awarded. They will be available via the student Go4Schools account rather than the parental account.

You will probably be aware from media coverage that the government and Ofqual have decided to honour the Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) that teachers determined were the most likely grades that students would have achieved, rather than adjusting these downwards. The GCSE and BTEC grades that you receive tomorrow will be your confirmed grades, released to us by the exam boards; should any grades have been adjusted upwards by Ofqual, the higher grade will stand.

We are pleased with the government’s decision as it means that the grades awarded are a fair reflection of your work and your achievement. Had this set of outcomes been achieved under normal circumstances, they would represent our school’s strongest ever results: both the highest grades and the best progress.

We are also confident that the process we followed to arrive at these CAGs was fair, rigorous and robust. To summarise:

Firstly, teachers used multiple sources of data, including mock exam results, coursework marks, assessments, homework and classwork, as well as their professional knowledge of students, to arrive at the grade they felt was the most likely outcome for each student were they to have sat the exams in normal circumstances.

Heads of Department and departmental teams then moderated these to make sure that the grades were given fairly by each teacher.

Senior leaders analysed these outcomes to check, again, that they were fair and also realistic in terms of what our school performance was likely to have been. We underwent this process using externally generated data analysis from FFT Aspire: schools were advised to ensure that their CAGs were in line with the appropriate distribution of grades expected for the school, and so we went through several iterations of this to make sure we were as close to this as we could be, while also making sure that the grades awarded were a fair reflection of an individual’s performance. This was validated by our Trust Director of Education.

At every stage, we followed guidance given as to the due process from the DfE, our Trust, and other educational advisory bodies such as ASCL, SSAT and FFT. Therefore, as well as representing a strong set of outcomes, they are also given with the utmost professional integrity.

Many of you will be rightly pleased with, and proud of, the grades that you have been awarded, and although they were not achieved in the usual way, we want to congratulate you: they represent the sustained efforts you have made over the past five, and particularly the past two, years of your study.

However, as in any year, there will be students who will not be in a position to take up their place at their choice of post-16 provider. For these students, we advise you to phone the school tomorrow, when you receive your results. We will give you a position in a virtual queue and then call you back so that you can speak to one of our Post-16 team or a senior leader to discuss the options you have and what to do next. Please also look at the SchoolPost letter that details the processes relating to local post-16 providers.

Because the grades awarded are the grades that we, as a school, have determined, we will not be appealing against them. As previously outlined, parents have the right to appeal grades only on the grounds of due process not having been followed, or the process having been discriminatory. However, all students do still have the right to sit an exam in any subject, in a November set of exams. Should they choose to do so, whichever is the higher grade (the grade awarded this summer, or the examined outcome) will stand. If you would like to do this, contact to request an application form. Details of the exam timetable for these is on our website:

As explained above, the grades we have awarded were determined by means of a process with multiple stages, and the responsibility for them lies with the school as a whole. It is not therefore appropriate for students or parents to contact individual teachers to discuss or query them. Please refrain from doing this; teachers will not respond.

Again, we would like to congratulate our Year 11 students, who worked so hard and were such an asset to our school. We are proud of all that you have achieved, both in your results and in a much wider sense, too, and we wish you all the very best as you move on to your next adventures.

With all good wishes,

Emily Moody

Deputy Principal