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The Bridge First Aid

Public affordable first aid training courses for everybody. Mental Health First Aid, Animal First Aid, and traditional regulated work first aid training.

The Bridge first Aid offers a refreshingly unique and innovative approach to traditional first aid training.

We are dedicated to teaching you simple skills you can rely on. Priding ourselves on being professional and flexible, we have the full gamut of regulated work first aid courses, paediatric first aid, animal first aid and mental health first aid (MHFA England) courses.

We provide students with a broad spectrum of learning experiences for vocational or work-related training, approved and accredited by National Awarding Bodies.

With a growing demand for clarity around mental health issues and mental illness, and education around emotional literacy, we have affordable public programmes for both individuals and organisations.

Parity of esteem

Change the way you think about health, there is no health without mental health.

Imagine a world where physical and mental health needs are treated equally…


Is a pandemic more detrimental to your physical or mental health?


A parity approach is required.

Mental Health First Aid

Our MHFA courses are fantastic inclusive experiential courses for all, where you will also learn a great deal about yourself as well as simple life saving mental health first aid skills, and employers fulfil their legal obligations to support their employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing.

Each learner is provided with evidence-based resources to take away to support them in their new role as a Mental Health First Aider. We can also support your business in implementing Mental Health First Aid into your organisation in line with your health and wellbeing policy.

To find out more about our range of courses or to book a seat please get in touch.

07880 542663