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Additional Information for Adult Learners

Equality Statement

Cambridgeshire County Council supports a wide range of adult learning opportunities across Cambridgeshire, including courses, clubs, community groups and family learning opportunities. The County Council is committed to ensuring equality, recognising and celebrating difference and promoting cohesion and a sense of belonging amongst diverse communities.

We positively encourage all learners with concerns about specific needs which might affect their learning to discuss their requirements with us in confidence. We believe that everyone is entitled to learn in an environment that is free from discriminatory behaviour so that we build a community based on mutual trust and respect. We will ensure that resources and equipment are accessible to all and make reasonable adjustments to ensure that all learners can access activities, so please just let us know if you have specific needs.

Special Needs Support

We warmly welcome all members of the community with special needs of any kind. Please ask for further information about the range of support we can offer. Most areas of the college site are wheelchair accessible.

Visitors with Disabilities

If access might present a problem, please telephone 01223 264721 during opening hours and we will be pleased to discuss special arrangements to help you.

Safeguarding Statement

Arrangements have been made to make sure that you are safe in this centre. If you feel you are unsafe for any reason, for example through verbal or physical abuse or that you have been discriminated against, please tell your tutor or the centre manager who will investigate to ensure your safety.