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Head of Department: Mr J Russen

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Years 10 & 11

Course Content

R109: Engineering materials, processes and production (25%):

Students develop their understanding of a wide range of engineering materials and how their properties and characteristics impact on a design specification. They also examine different production processes and their applications

R110: Preparing and planning for manufacture (25%):

Students plan and apply appropriate processes to make pre-production product using hand-held tools, measuring and marking equipment safely. They then carry out a range of manually controlled machining operations and perform quality control checks to review their finished pre-production product

R111: Computer aided manufacturing (25%):

Students explore the role of computer applications in the design and manufacture of engineered products by creating computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to produce a batch of computer numerical control (CNC) manufactured examples of a product. They investigate methods used to compare items manufactured by manually controlled and CNC production, and develop their understanding of how computer control is used to produce engineered products in high-volume.

R112: Quality control of engineered products (25%):

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of the techniques and procedures used, including ‘lean processes’ to ensure the quality of engineered products. They produce and implement a detailed set of procedures for the quality control of engineered products in a ‘real world’ situation involving high-volume manufacture of products.


Pupils should expect to receive an hour of homework a week, which will consist of a variety of research, revision, practice and preparation tasks.


Pupils may bring a craft apron to lessons. However, aprons are provided. All workshop tools will be provided.


Participation in work experience to gain vital engineering experience is an optional element of the course but is encouraged.