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Food and Cookery

Head of Department: Mr J Russen

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Years 10 & 11

Course Content

This course provides learners with an understanding of food sources and the factors that can affect food choices. Learners will be able to apply these factors when selecting and cooking dishes. Learners will understand the individual requirements of a balanced diet. They will learn about reference index (RI)/guideline daily amounts (GDAs) and food labelling. They will learn how to change recipes to make them healthier. They will bring together their learning and skills developed throughout the course to produce a menu in response to a brief. Pupils will plan, make and review their completed dishes.

The assessment structure consists of four units:

  • Preparing to cook (30 hours) Internally assessed
  • Understanding food (30 hours) Internally assessed
  • Exploring balanced diets (30 hours) External examination
  • Plan and Produce dishes in response to a brief (30 hours) Internally assessed.



Pupils should expect to receive an hour of homework a week, which will consist of a variety of research, practice and preparation tasks.



An apron is required for this course, and ingredients will need to be purchased.



Participation in work experience to gain vital catering experience is an optional element of the course but is encouraged.