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Please inform us of any Covid related updates e.g. symptoms, LFD results, PCR results by sending an email to

Please include your child's full name, tutor group and include dates of tests and results 

Covid-related Absence infornmation


Please log on to TEAMS and find your work for the day in the 'Assignments' or 'Notes' section


Please contact if you experience difficulties accessing online resources.

Returning to school after being a confirmed positive case

  • Please do let us know if you or your child have any questions or concerns about returning to school.  We are aware that each individual is impacted differently by Covid.
  • LFD testing – for 90 days after testing positive you are advised not to undertake the bi-weekly LFD testing.  Please change the settings on your Test-Register so you don’t get reminders or simply ignore them.
  • PCR testing – this also should not take place for 90 days from testing positive e.g. if you are a close contact of someone who tests positive.   An exception to this is if you develop a new symptom of Covid – even if you have previously tested positive you should still obtain a PCR test if you are symptomatic.
  • Vaccinations – individuals will not be able to receive the vaccination if this falls within 28days of testing positive. Please speak to the immunisation team if you have any queries about this.

Visitor Protocol

Information for visitors can be found here

Risk Assessment

The whole school risk assessment is available here