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Governing Body

Name and Role Tenures
Mrs Claire Coates
Principal, Governor
Mr Stephen Munday
Chief Executive CAT
Trustee Governors
3. Mrs Kristina Stutchbury
Chair of GB, CAT Trustee
Exp: 31/08/2022
4. Mr Simon Krintas
Chair Finance Committee
Exp: 31/08/2022
5. Mr John Vickery
Finance Committee, H&S Link Governor 
 Exp: 31/10/2025
6. Mr Nigel Taylor
Chair of Teaching and Learning
Exp: 31/08/2022
7. Dr Sujit Bhattacharya Exp: 03/03/2025
8. Mr Vitaliy Turchyn  Exp: 03/03/2025
9. Mr Jason White Exp: 14/10/2024
Parent Governors
10. Mrs Laura Fordham
Parent Governor
Exp: 07/10/2025
11. Mr Mark Bennett
Parent Governor
Exp: 10/06/2026
Staff Governors
12. Miss Jess Angell
Staff Governor
Exp: 13/10/2024
13. Mrs Charlotte Dear
Staff Governor
Exp: 16/11/2022


Governors: 13 

Trustee Governors: 7

Ex-officio: 2 - Stephen Munday, Claire Coates

Staff Governors:  2 

Parents Governors: 2

Others: Clerk -  Vacancy



The membership of the Local Governing Body shall be determined in accordance with the following provisions:

The total membership shall be not less than 9 and not more than 16.

The membership shall comprise:

  • Two members ex-officio: the CEO or Primary Executive Leader  of the Trust and the Head(s) of School/Principal;
  • Two elected members of staff, each to serve for four years (so long as they remained members of staff) from the date of their election;
  • Two elected parents, each to serve for four years (or for so long as they remained eligible as parents with children in the school) from the date of their election;
  • Not fewer than five, nor more than twelve, Trustee Governors, appointed by the Trust. These governors are to serve for four years on a four-year rolling cycle, from the beginning of the academic year.  Any casual vacancy is to be filled, in the first instance, for the remainder of the term of office of the departed governor.
  • Trustee Governors are to be chosen in consultation with the appropriate Local Governing Body, the regular procedure to be that in each summer term the Local Governing Body and the Trust would routinely review forthcoming vacancies. In making appointments the Trust will take into account the range of skills and experience on each Local Governing Body, and the outcome of consultation with each Local Governing Body. The Trust will hold a short CV for each Governor (including the elected Governors). Trustee Governors would be eligible for re-appointment for a further term of service, if appropriate.