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Results and Outcomes

Exams, Careers and Post-16 guidance can be found here

Performance Data

The DfE published (in Feb 2019) the national school performance tables, which allow for comparisons to be made of school performance over a number of indicators. These tables show the performance of pupils at the end of KS4. The outcomes achieved by students at Cambourne Village College in 2019 were incredibly positive and reflect incredibly well on their work. 

The full details of the 2019 school comparison data can be found at the following website: - All schools  - Cambourne Village College

The KS4 2021-22 data will be published after its release on 20th October 2022.

Cambourne Village College Students Celebrate GCSE Success in 2021!

Students at Cambourne Village College were celebrating an excellent set of GCSE exam results back in August.

Claire Coates, Principal, said: “Our students have worked extremely hard and we are immensely proud of them.

“They have coped incredibly well with difficult learning conditions since the spring of their Year 10, and are to be congratulated on attaining very strong - and well-deserved - results.  As for ‘normal’ exam years, the vast majority of students have achieved the grades they need to gain a place on their chosen course at Post 16, and we will work to support everyone to be able to progress onto a meaningful pathway.

“These results reflect the students’ high levels of commitment and dedication and we wish them the very best of luck in the next phase of their education. I must also pay tribute to our teaching staff who worked exceptionally hard to ensure that the assessment process was fair and accurate.”

Due to the Government’s decision to cancel examinations during the ongoing pandemic, this year’s results are based on teacher assessment. Staff carried out a rigorous and robust process following strict guidelines issued by exam boards and overseen by the Director of Education of the Cam Academy Trust. The students’ work used as evidence was marked and moderated by a range of teachers in school; samples of evidence were also moderated by colleagues across the Trust and in some cases, by colleagues in other schools. Student performance in mock examinations and coursework, as well as attainment throughout the GCSE course, was assessed as appropriate. As for the summer of 2020 when formal examinations did not take place, the Government is not publishing school league tables for 2021 and Cambridgeshire secondary schools have collectively decided not to announce school-level results.

It hasn’t been possible to hold our usual Results celebrations on site this year; however, we’re delighted with our students’ successes and posted photos on our social media sites to celebrate:

Chief Executive of The Cam Academy Trust, Stephen Munday, said: “It is extremely pleasing to be able to celebrate the successes of our students today. They have gone through a challenging period of GCSE studies that no other group has gone through before and have performed admirably and with great resilience over this time.

“The successes we celebrate today would not have been possible without the support of our incredible teachers who have inspired students at schools across the Trust; I cannot thank them enough.”

For more information on the examination processes and access to results, please follow this LINK.

CamVC Year 11 Students Celebrating Excellent GCSE Results


KS4 Results 2018-19

Here is a link to view our results on the DFE Compare School Performance site:

Headline Results

Like many schools we subscribe to The Fischer Family Trust to help us review our performance. We can compare our results contextually with all other schools using KS2 starting points: 



Progress 8 Score


% of students achieving Grade 4 in both Maths and English


% of students achieving Grade 5 in both Maths and English


% of students entering EBacc


% of students achieving EBacc at Grade 4 or above


Attainment 8 score


KS4 Results 2017-18

Please note that as a new school the first year group taking public examinations was in the Summer of 2018. The Progress 8 Score of 0.00 for 2016-17 as listed on the DFE Compare Performance site is not a reflection of exam performance.

Headline Results



Contextual Headline

Progress 8 Score


Top 22% of schools

% of students achieving Grade 4 in both Maths and English


Top 9% of schools

% of students achieving Grade 5 in both Maths and English


Top 31% of schools

% of students achieving Grade 4 in five subjects including Maths and English


Top 8% of schools

% of students achieving Grade 5 in five subjects including Maths and English


Top 29% of schools

% of students achieving a Grade 7 in five or more subjects


Top 19% of schools

% of students achieving a Grade 4 or above in all EBacc subjects


Top 30% of schools

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