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Staff List

Senior Leadership Group

Principal Mrs C Coates
Deputy Principal  Ms P Boyns
Deputy Principal Ms E Gildea
Assistant Principal Mr J Russen
Assistant Principal  Mr L Bellis
Assistant Principal Mrs S Mallett
Assistant Principal Mrs A Hodgson
Assistant Principal Mrs K Urtone
Associate Assistant Principal Ms R Gale

Year Groups

Head of Year 11 Mr W Patrick
Assistant Head of Year 11 Mr N Yousuf
Pastoral Support Assistant Year 11 Ms L Ramsay
Head of Year 10 Mrs S Minnaar (Mat) / Mr G Furbank (Temp)
Assistant Head of Year 10 Mr G Furbank / Ms L Phillips (Temp)
Pastoral Support Assistant Year 10 Ms S Tomlinson
Head of Year 9 Ms E Ferreira
Assistant Head of Year 9 Ms H Packham
Pastoral Support Assistant Year 9 Ms K Blane
Head of Year 8 Mr I Knightley
Assistant Head of Year 8 Mrs H Loveridge (Mat) / Mr H Ogunfowora
Pastoral Support Assistant Year 8 Ms M Stanford
Head of Year 7 Mr D Went
Assistant Head of Year 7 Mr S Alexander
Pastoral Support Assistant Year 7 Ms L Boyd
Head of Pastoral Interventions Mrs L Durrant


Head of English Ms H Gelder
Head of Maths Mr M Balding
Head of Science Mr R Beaumont
Head of Art Mr M Yeates
Head of Business Studies Mrs S Mallett
Head of Computer Science Mr L Bellis
Head of Technology Mr J Russen
Head of Drama Ms L Phillips
Head of Geography Mr D Burgess
Head of History Miss J Angell
Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs M Collado-Canas
Head of Music Mr G Page
Head of PE Miss H Curtis
Head of Psychology Ms J Plumb
Head of RPE Mr I Dover


SENCo Ms L Harvey


Safeguarding Lead Mr J Rice
Blue Room Manager Ms G Carter
Link Manager Ms E Smith
View Manager Mr R McWilliams


Campus Manager Mr C Piekuta


Admissions/ Attendance Officer  Ms V Popplewell
Careers Coordinator Ms K Larbey Douglas
Community Officer Ms I Sims
Data Manager Ms B Cook
Exams Assistant / HoD Administrator Ms S Edis
Exams Officer Mrs S Stevens
Finance Officer Mrs C Sayer
HR Manager / Clerk to the Governors Mrs J Jenkins
Librarian Mrs D Payne
PA to the Principal Mrs C Collins
Receptionist (Daytime) Mrs K Minney
Receptionist (Afternoon) Mrs L Achurch
Receptionist (Evening) Mrs E Staines
School Nurse  Ms J Barker
Senior IT Technician Mr M Al-Radaideh
Trips Coordinator / DofE Manager Mrs P Noble