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AKS (Associated Karate Schools)

AKS is a family run group of Karate Schools based in Cambourne, Bishop’s Stortford and Royston.  We provide professional tuition in Traditional and Sport Karate for children and adults of all abilities.

Founder and Chief Instructor, Sensei Anthony Barrett 5th Dan has been teaching full time since opening the Bishop’s Stortford Karate School in 1995.  Following a move to Cambourne he established the Cambourne Karate School in 2007 and personally teaches all classes at both schools along with AKS Assistant Instructors.  More recently, the Royston Karate School was opened in 2013 giving Royston access to AKS classes under the instruction of Sensei Rafal Ratuszniak 2nd Dan.

AKS is a registered association member of the English Karate Federation (EKF) governing body since 2008, affiliated to the World Karate Federation (WKF).  AKS Instructors have enhanced DBS, Public Liability Insurance, First Aid Training and EKF Coach Accreditation.

AKS students work to a Grading Syllabus adhering to a Progressive Teaching Structure.  This means that as a student progresses up through the belt grades they add to their previous knowledge and performance like building blocks, where each section is as important as the next. This results in all our advanced students being able to maintain the ability to perform the whole Syllabus from white to black belt and beyond with good form, speed, power and technical knowledge.  Being advanced students is not just about us moving onto something new but being able do what we used to do, better.

The AKS Syllabus focuses on three core avenues of training – Traditional KarateSport Karate and Practical Self-Defence.  The Syllabus is taught in conjunction with various forms of fitness training techniques specifically aimed at improving students’ Karate performance and helping prevent personal injury during practise.


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