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Business Studies

Head of Department: Ms E McConnell

Years 10 & 11

Course Content

The course will include learning about how a business is set up, trends that affect it, how it operates and the factors that influences growth and success. You will use your understanding of business language to investigate what businesses do by examining the aims and objectives they set, the importance of knowing their market and understanding the influence of their stakeholders. You will plan an idea for a realistic business start-up in your own local area, based on your research, select a format and then present the business model and plan.


Homework will in the main be in the form of working on set projects to underpin learning and you should expect to put aside an hour per week.  Tasks may include producing business reports, presentations, role-plays, team work challenges, and observations of business tasks, producing business documentation, problem solving, producing news reports and much more.

Additionally, pupils will progress well on this course if they watch the news and read extensively about business and current affairs not only in the UK, but wider afield in the EU and beyond, especially the emerging markets in the BRICS countries.


All pupils will need access to a text book and a Student Workbook. More details will be sent out about this prior to starting the course.


At the moment there are no visits planned for this subject. Support for this course can be found via the school website.