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‘A chance to dance; Dance is for everyone’

Our aim is to enable every young person to have the chance to dance. We create the opportunity and access into dance so that students can: develop their own individual style and dance vocabulary; learn a variety of dance styles and techniques; explore dance and diversity and its cultural impact; have the opportunity to appreciate a range professional dance works, professional companies, dancers, and choreographers. Dance can develop confidence by having fun and the freedom to explore creatively and flourish in a supportive environment with a non-judgemental approach, with particular focus on fitness, mental health, and wellbeing. It occupies a unique position within the curriculum, with its connection to PE and Performing Arts – the physical and the creative.

The purpose of the Dance curriculum is to create the opportunity for students to engage in different dance styles, techniques, choreography, and to provide the essential skills and understanding to be creative to be able to express themselves. We give students the opportunity to perform, choreograph, and critically appreciate and be inspired by the work of professional dance practitioners and companies and their own work. Based on the national curriculum for Dance in PE, our dance curriculum incorporates the delivery of dance in schools with guidance from One Dance UK and Artsmark. This curriculum has been designed to provide students with the best opportunities to explore, learn and understand the key aspects of the art form. The schemes of work and learning outcomes will focus on involving the key aspects of dance choreography, performance, and appreciation.

Throughout the units we hope to build confidence by working together, exploring leadership skills, peer observation and performance skills. Students will be taught technical dance skills, a variety of dance styles with a focus on contemporary dance art forms, creative process and exploration, response to a stimulus, improvisation, and the principles of choreography.

Through their dance education, students will develop many transferable skills: confidence, leadership, and the ability to self-manage and collaborate effectively with their peers. We aim to equip our students with the necessary skills and resilience to succeed in a career within the Performing Arts industry. 

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Ms J Ricketts

Ms L Phillips

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Key Stage 3

KS4 BTEC Performing Arts