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Geography - Revision

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Assessment type


% of course




Paper 1: Living with the physical environment

Written Exam

1h 30m


Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment

Written Exam

1h 30m


Paper 3: Geographical applications

Written Exam

1h 15m



Revision areas

Paper 1

Topic 1: The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • Plate Boundaries
  • Earthquakes
  • Examples Japan, Haiti
  • Global atmospheric circulation model
  • Weather hazards – Hurricane Katrina & Beast from the East
  • Climate change Evidence & causes
  • Climate change Mitigation and Adaption
Topic 2: Living World
  • Parts of an ecosystem and global overview
  • TRF - characteristics and adaptations
  • Amazon rainforest - causes of deforestation and impacts
  • Managing tropical rainforests
  • Cold environments characteristics and adaptations
  • Svalbard - development opportunities and challenges
  • Managing cold environments
Topic 3: Physical Landscapes in the UK
  • Overview of upland/lowland areas and major rivers


  • Waves
  • Processes of erosion and erosional landforms
  • Depositional landforms
  • Dorset coastline
  • Managing the coastline - hard engineering, soft engineering, managed retreat


  • Processes
  • Long and cross profiles
  • Upper, middle & lower course features
  • Flooding & hydrographs
  • Flood management

Paper 2

Topic 4: Urban Issues and Challenges
  • Urbanisation - urban patterns and trends
  • The emergence of megacities
  • Rio de Janeiro - location, growth, opportunities, challenges
  • London - location, growth, opportunities, challenges, urban regeneration
  • Urban sustainability
Topic 5: Changing Economic World
  • Development and development indicators
  • Strategies to reduce the development gap including tourism in Jamaica
  • Nigeria - location, TNCs, trade, aid, impacts of development
  • Economic Futures in the UK - economic change, industry, impacts, new developments, north-south divide
Topic 6: Challenge of Resource Management
  • Resources and well-being
  • Food in the UK
  • Water in the UK
  • Energy in the UK
  • Global demand for energy and global supply
  • Increasing energy supply - renewables and non-renewables
  • Sustainable resources including micro-hydro power

Paper 3

Topic 7: Field work & Skills
  • London
  • Epping Forest
  • Map skills
  • Graph skills
  • Number skills

Specific revision strategies

  • Flash cards with key words/key questions/named examples/case studies
  • Mind maps
  • Create a flow diagram to show the formation of geographical landforms
  • Complete some practise exam questions in various ways:
    1. Open book
    2. Closed book
    3. Read question, find/review information, complete timed question
    4. Timed closed book
    5. Use mark schemes to assess and improve

For more detail about helpful revision strategies in Geography, please download this document.

Exam top tips

1-3 mark questions

  • Use bullet points for your answers

5-6 mark questions

  • Include two fully developed points
  • Concluding sentence (must link back to the question)

9 mark questions

  • Fully develop 3 points
  • Every paragraph should link clearly to the command word i.e. with “this means that…..”
  • Write a conclusion in one or two sentences – this needs to summarise your answer and link to the command word of the question.

Study guides/websites

Case studies and named examples list

As part of the course, you are required to study case studies and examples. Case studies are broader in context and require greater breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding. Named examples are more focused on a specific event or situation, are smaller in scale and do not cover the same degree of content.

For a checklist of case studies and named examples covered during the course, please download this document.