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Admissions Consultation for September 2021

14th November 2019

Consultation on the increased capacity at Cambourne Village College and the proposal to increase the Published Admission Number (PAN) for Year 7 intake from September 2021

The School Admissions Regulations 2012 require local authorities to publish annually information regarding proposed changes to school admission arrangements.

Cambourne Village College is undertaking a consultation on its increase in capacity and the proposal to increase its Published Admission Number (PAN) from the current 240 to 250 for the Year 7 intake effective from September 2021.

Cambourne Village College was first built to accommodate a capacity of 750 pupils. Since the campus opened, there has been significant growth in the local area of Cambourne, increasing the demand for secondary school places. In response to the increase in numbers of children who require secondary school provision, a new wing, which was completed in 2017, and a further development, due to be completed in January 2020, have been built to accommodate this growth, increasing the schools overall capacity. 

With the completion of our latest building work, the school will have a capacity of 1250 pupils and Cambourne Village College propose to increase its Published Admission Number (PAN) from 240 to 250 for the Year 7 intake to reflect this increase in capacity. There will be no additional building/facilities needed to allow us to increase our PAN to this number. In addition, the admission arrangements remain unchanged.

This consultation is being undertaken by Cambourne Village College with support from Cambridgeshire County Council. The Annual Consultation of Admission Arrangements in Cambridgeshire is taking place between 18th November 2019 to 12th January 2020 and the documents are available to view on the county’s website:

Cambourne Village College would like to invite views on the school's increase in capacity and the proposal to increase the PAN for Year 7 from September 2021. 

Any comments or suggestions can be made either by writing to the school, marking letters for attention of Mrs Popplewell or by emailing

If emailing, please state CAMBOURNE PROPOSAL in the subject line.

Responses to this consultation will be submitted as part of a significant change business case to the DfE, before a final decision is made by the Regional Schools Commissioner.

Admissions Policy: 2021-2022

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