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Aspiration Friday: Architecture

6th June 2019

On the Friday before half-term, we had a talk on Architecture from Jack Boyns from Archangel Ltd.  Jack explained to the students what architecture involves, describing it as the design of a space.  To give students an idea of how architects work, he asked them to think of a space that was important to them, and explained that recreating that kind of space in a building is what architects strive to do.

Jack then explained how you become an architect, describing the different stages of an architecture degree, before telling us about his own journey.  He showed us designs he had created over the course of his degree, including a building inspired by a Dyson vacuum cleaner and a venue for the Eurovision Song Contest!  We learnt that architects spend a lot of time drawing plans as well as creating models, both 3D ones, built by using materials, and computerised versions.

Jack then described the work that he does currently, redesigning residential spaces and the insides of churches.  We were very lucky to try out the VR headset Jack had brought with him, Google Cardboard, which architects sometimes use to allow clients to ‘walk through’ the planned new spaces before they are built.

The talk ended by Jack encouraging anyone interested in architecture to take photos of buildings they like, draw them, and design and create their own structures. 

Madi in 9R said this: “I thought the talk was really interesting and informative.  It helped me learn more about architecture and it’s certainly something I want to do in the future!”

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