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Aspiration Friday: Aviation

21st January 2020

We kicked off our Spring Term series of aspirational talks with a visit from Rob Humphries, an ex-RAF pilot currently based at Cambridge Airport, who came into school to talk to us about aviation.  Last year, a student asked if a pilot could come into school to talk about their experiences, and we were delighted to welcome Rob to CamVC. 

Rob began by showing students a clip from the BBC documentary that he watched as a child which inspired him to learn to fly planes.  He then guided us through his career as a pilot and a test pilot for the RAF, showing us videos of planes he has worked on and flown, and explaining the different capabilities of different sorts of aircraft.  Students enjoyed hearing about the journeys he has flown on, taking him as far east as Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and as far west as Alaska.

Rob emphasised that anyone can train to be a pilot, regardless of gender or background, and said that although it was hard work to learn how to fly, it had been a really exciting and rewarding experience.  He particularly stressed his pride in his work as a RAF test pilot, where the work he had done improving the design of aircraft supported his colleagues in the front line.  It was a great start to the term: thank you so much for coming in!

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