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Bulletin 05.05.2023

5th May 2023

This week's bulletin is available here.

Dear Parents and Carers

This week we have welcomed Mr Tom Darling to Cambourne Village College in the role of Deputy Principal with oversight of pastoral matters.  Mr Darling will lead on managing behaviour and discipline across the school; he has already met and made a strong impression on many pupils.

Behaviour Policy Update

Mr Darling’s appointment coincides with work done recently to update our Behaviour and Discipline Policy, which we would invite parents to view on this link. The vast majority of our pupils behave very well around school; however, this policy has been revised to address some issues prevalent in secondary schools across the country at present. In line with the national picture, we are concerned at the increase in pupils vaping, the dangers of which are being explained in assemblies and in PSHE lessons; pupils should be very clear that vaping will not be tolerated in school. We are able to recommend pupils for specialist support around vaping and if any parent feels this would be helpful for their child, they can contact the relevant year team directly to request this.

The new behaviour policy also allows us to address much more directly the very small number of pupils who are defiant and refuse to follow instructions from staff.  We give pupils every opportunity to reflect on their behaviour if an issue develops and to avoid a situation escalating, but parents should be aware that a pupil who persistently refuses to follow instructions from staff is highly likely to be suspended from school.

We are confident that parents will support these measures which are designed to maintain the calm and orderly running of the school in the manner we all expect at Cambourne Village College. The Governors have approved the new policy, but we would also like to give parents the chance to comment, which can be done via the link above, before 22 May.

Pupil Toilets

Following some concerns raised by pupils, we have implemented more frequent cleaning routines during the day, increased the frequency of sanitary bin collections, and adapted lunchtime duty rotas to enable more direct staff supervision.  I hope pupils are already appreciating an improvement; please do encourage your child to report any concerns about school facilities to their tutor or year team, or via the Report a Concern button on their iPad.

Design Ventura Award

Last week our Year 10 team of Zlata, Ash, Tom, Karolina and Bofeng were Runners Up in the national Design Ventura competition, hosted by the Design Museum.  This is a great achievement for the pupils and a huge accolade for our fantastic DT Department, whose teams won last year and have come second in this. Many congratulations to them all.

Wishing you all a very good, long weekend,

Claire Coates  


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