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Bulletin 09.09.2022

9th September 2022

This week's bulletin is available here

Dear Parents and Carers

This morning, all classes were shown a range of materials to commemorate the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.  We will observe any further national actions of mourning as are announced. As part of this observance, there will be no non-essential social media posts from the school during this period.

Return to School

School has been particularly calm and orderly this week as pupils have complied well with new rules for movement around corridors, and a drive on punctuality.  Year 7 are finding their way around, and our new staff are already settling in well; this has all contributed to an excellent return to learning.

School Meals

I apologise for the problems with the tills in the cafeterias at the start of the week, which led to a slow service for some pupils.  These issues have now been resolved and food service is back to normal. Our caterers have had to raise some prices this term, due to rising food and transport costs, after very small increases over the past two years.  The new prices are in the body of the bulletin.  We have worked hard to maintain a range of hot meals at the free school meal rate of £2.35 per day, and jugs of drinking water are provided in all the eating areas so the purchase of expensive cartons is not necessary. Please don’t hesitate to contact your year team to discuss any concerns you may have about meal prices or to discuss whether your family qualifies for free school meals.

School Skirts

Many students returned to school in skirts that are unacceptably short.  Our school uniform rules state very clearly: ‘The hem of the skirt must be no more than 2 fingers’ width above the knee at the start of the school year.’  Parents and carers of these students are being contacted and asked to purchase a longer skirt immediately. Suitable skirts are available from £7.63 from our suppliers: Essential Schoolwear  and any family needing support for this purchase is invited to contact their year team office in complete confidence.  Please note that shorts, if worn, must be of school uniform style: sports shorts are not acceptable.

Students in unacceptable uniform will be offered an alternative to wear and will lose their social time if they do not comply.  Persistent offenders will lose all extra-curricular privileges, such as the right to attend clubs and outings.

After-School Clubs

Sports and music clubs start next week: these range from sports and music clubs to lunchtime ‘Aspirational Friday’ lectures - please encourage your children to get involved.

I hope you have the best weekend possible.

Your sincerely

Claire Coates  

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