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Bulletin 17.03.2023

17th March 2023

This week's bulletin is available here.

Dear Parents and Carers

Our second Not Just Black and White art exhibition and cultural event takes place this evening at 6pm – all families are warmly invited to this celebration of the cultural diversity of our school.

Results of Pupil Survey

Two weeks ago, some unrest in various schools across the country was reported in national media, following pupil activity on TikTok.  Our pupils did not join this ‘protest’ movement, and instead we invited them all to complete a survey if they had concerns about any aspects of their lives at Cambourne VC.  One third of the pupils (459) responded to the survey, and the results showed:

  • Pupil toilets: there are enough toilets, although they become busy at the very end of break and lunchtime. Pupils know they are expected to use the toilets outside of lesson time.  More frequent cleaning during the day was requested, and quicker repairs when locks etc are not working.
  • Uniform: the majority of pupils who responded like it and want to go back to the full branded uniform.
  • A number of other concerns were raised by smaller numbers of pupils, including how the school supports those with a range of beliefs and how we combat racism; the crowding in corridors at movement times; supply of water fountains and filling points for water bottles, and the behaviour of a small number of pupils.

It was very pleasing that our pupils did not respond to some unhelpful social media posts circulating, and instead, raised their concerns in such a responsible manner. We were already aware of most of the issues identified and will work with the pupils to address these.   The majority of the pupils’ survey responses were very positive about their school experience and it was agreed that a regular pupil survey should take place, alongside the usual route they have of raising concerns via the School Council. The results of their survey were shared with them and we were able to give some reminders of why certain rules are in place, for example, that although we cannot allow unlimited access to toilets in lesson time, those with a medical condition can apply for a Toilet Pass, and that anyone with an urgent need can request to be accompanied to a toilet block by the member of staff ‘on call’.

Staffing: We have been successfully recruiting teachers for the next academic year, and despite serious national shortages, I anticipate we will be fully staffed for September. 

Year 10 Parent Consultation Thursday 23 March: School will finish at 1.30pm for all pupils next Thursday; lessons 1,2,5 & 6 will be taught in the morning.

School Concert Thursday 23 March:  All families are warmly invited to our spring concert, starting at 7pm.  

Study Extension Day:  Year 10 and 11 pupils who are behind in any of their work will be required to attend school on Friday 31 March.  School finishes for other pupils on Thursday 30th.

Please support our GRAND RAFFLE!  There’s a fantastic array of prizes and tickets for £1.00 can be bought online, either through Parent Pay: or through our raffle page here:

 Wishing you all a very good weekend,

Claire Coates

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