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Bulletin 25.11.2022

25th November 2022

This week's bulletin is available here.

Dear Parents and Carers

Behaviour in the Community

This week, we have been liaising with Morrisons over the theft of vapes and sweets from the store, before school, by numbers of pupils in CamVC uniform.  The Police have been informed and we will work with Morrisons to address this type of criminal behaviour.  You may wish to recommend to your children that they avoid visiting the store on the way to school at present.

Vapes are not allowed to be brought into school, or to be used on the journeys to and from school.  This is because it is difficult to tell which varieties contain nicotine, which is acknowledged to be harmful. Pupils who break this rule can expect to be sanctioned.

Knife Crime

You may be aware of a stabbing that took place amongst youths in Cambridge last weekend, in which a young man died.  Over the next weeks we will be working with the Police on a cross-Cambridgeshire venture called the Serious Violence Youth Listening Project, which will deliver education about knife-crime, drugs and gang violence.  This will be tailored for delivery to different year groups. 

The Police have asked us to share this message with parents: ‘As a result of the stabbing and murder which occurred in Cambridge over the weekend, there will be an increased police presence in a lot of areas and at schools during drop off and pick up times.  Please do not be alarmed; this is only procedure.’


The school medical service has once again changed the dates on which vaccinations will be offered at school – the latest schedule is below. Full details will be shared nearer the time.


Meningitis ACWY/ Tetanus/ Diptheria Polio

Year 9


Flu immunisations

Year 7, 8 & 9


Flu immunisations

Year 7, 8 & 9


HPV 2 

Year 9

Disabled Parking Places

We have received several messages from parents who need to use the disabled parking places at school at pick-up and drop-off times, but find the places already occupied by non-disabled drivers.  Please make sure you are not taking one of these places, which are clearly indicated next to the minibus bays, if you do not need the Disabled access.  

And aside from the very serious messages, this has been a busy and productive week at school!

I hope you all have a very good weekend,

Claire Coates

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