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PB 09.06.2023

9th June 2023

This week's bulletin is available here.

Dear Parents and Carers

School Uniform Updates


Further to the information in the last Parent Bulletin about school uniform, I can confirm that the school will offer a £10.00 voucher for each child at school for use towards the purchase of a school-branded skirt or pair of trousers for next year.  Total Clothing is setting up this system which should be available to use from late June.  It’s anticipated that this will cover the difference in cost between a branded and supermarket garment.

Please remember that school uniform can also be purchased from our second-hand uniform shop - please fill in the MS form on this link.

After 1 September 2023, PE kit can be worn to school on days when pupils have PE.  Pupils should be in normal uniform every day for the rest of this term.

School Shoes

Thank you to those parents who have contacted us with enquiries about school shoes for next term:  we are compiling some further guidance about footwear that we will send to parents next week. 

Pastoral Development Day   20th June  Cancelled

Due to the number of days lost this year to heating failures and teacher strikes, we will no longer be closing on this day for staff training and pupils should attend school as usual.  If any families have already made arrangements for this day, please contact your year team so that we can liaise with you about this. 

Please Avoid Driving to School Whenever Possible  

Please encourage your children to walk, cycle or scoot to and from school if they are able to do so.  Our carpark is badly congested at the start and end of the day.  PLEASE DO NOT USE SWANSLEY LANE AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE MAIN CAR PARK.  This extra traffic creates a hazard on this road which is the pupils’ main access to school, and causes additional inconvenience to the residents.

Wishing you all a very good weekend,

Claire Coates

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