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Parent Bulletin: 02.07.2021

2nd July 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers


This week, we have been watching carefully for announcements from the Department for Education, in the hope that ‘bubble’ restrictions will be eased for schools from the start of next term. For Cambourne Village College, this would mean a return to teachers teaching in their specialist rooms within their own departments, pupils able to circulate the school again, and freedom for teachers to move around their classrooms when teaching. Not being able to do these things has had a significant impact this year.

In the meantime, we are increasingly concerned at the growing rates of the virus locally and at the possibility of an outbreak in school which would lead to enforced isolation of many students, as is reported to be happening across the country. We most particularly do not want to be in the position of having to ask parents to isolate their children for the first part of the summer holiday. To help us to keep everyone in the school and community safe, please continue to test your children on Wednesday and Sunday and to report these results. 

End of Year Assessment

Our Year 10 students will be doing end-of-year exams under formal exam conditions for the next two weeks. Pupils in other years are undergoing assessments of various types so that teaching staff are in the best possible position to analyse the learning that has taken place and to plan their curriculum for next year. 

Last Week of Term

Although our full Activities Week programme of events can’t take place this year, we are planning a week when normal lessons are replaced by year-group activities, and our traditional sports days will go ahead. From next term, if restrictions are lifted, we hope to return to a full programme of after-school activities, and residential and other trips. 

Wishing you a very pleasant weekend,

Claire Coates

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