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Parent Bulletin: 05.02.2021

5th February 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

A busy bulletin for you at the end of a busy week! Thank you to everyone who has attended Year 9 Guidance Interviews and Parent Consultation this week; these meetings have been highly positive and hopefully have been good replacements for our usual face-to-face events. There’s a lot of information for you later in the bulletin, especially regarding extension activities for all and careers/further education advice for Years 10 & 11; please do take a look. Also, check out our Facebook page for examples of the fantastic work your children are still achieving under lockdown:  

Claiming Education Benefits - There are a range of benefits that families may be able to claim at this particularly difficult time, including free school meals and the Cambs Winter Grant.  Please see the letters from the Local Authority sent via School Post for information.  Claiming free school meals is a straightforward process; if you would like any help with this, please contact Mrs Popplewell at school: ; Otherwise, just call Reception on 01954 284000 and someone will be pleased to help.

Free Sanitary Products - Apologies for messing up the link for you yesterday; if you would like a supply of sanitary towels or tampons for your daughters, please contact our school nurse, Mrs Barker, who will be able to arrange this for you:

Snow - There are varying reports about the amount of snow we might expect over the next few days. Now that we have remote learning, school closure on ‘Snow Days’ has become a thing of the past - should we need to close Critical Worker School due to bad weather, a notice will be put on the school website in good time. Remote learning for everyone will continue as usual. (Sorry kids! – and staff!)

PE Competition - And finally, a thank you to the PE Department; the half term wouldn’t be complete without a PE Challenge!

On Monday 8th February the PE Department will be launching our BATTLE: Cambourne challenge to pit the three different areas of Cambourne (Upper, Great and Lower) as well as Cambourne Exiles (all those living outside of Cambourne) against each other in a distance challenge. Every time someone logs a distance they have run, walked or biked, this will add up to the cumulative total for their area.

It is really easy to enter – just every time you head out your front door, log the distance (in miles) that you have travelled; be it walking, running or biking. Log into our office form (Battle: Cambourne) and then upload your daily mileage making sure you click the area you are competing for.

Keep an eye on how each area is doing on the PE twitter page: and watch our teaser trailer to get you in the mood for the competition (click here).

This is a whole community event, so everyone can log their distances and get involved. We hope to see students, siblings, parents, family members, colleagues all logging their distances to help their Cambourne area get as many miles as possible and be crowned the BATTLE: Cambourne champions!

Wishing you all a very happy weekend, with or without snowmen.

Take good care of yourselves,

Claire Coates


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