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Parent Bulletin: 12.03.2021

12th March 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

At the end of an extraordinary week at school, I’m delighted to report to you that all has gone extremely well. Pupils have returned positively and quickly resumed their lesson routines.  Almost all are behaving very well, cooperating with Covid restrictions and wearing face-coverings sensibly. Staff are pleased to be back in the classroom and I’m sure you’re equally happy to be relieved of home learning!

Testing - Almost 95% of parents signed consent forms so a very high level of pupil testing has been taking place, alongside the already-established testing of staff. This has been a valuable extra measure towards keeping the school Covid-secure. Thank you very much for your continuing support with this.

Thank you to our Volunteers! - We’re hugely grateful for the efforts of our volunteers. More than 60 individuals signed up, and those able to offer the most consistent hours were trained to oversee the self-swabbing of students, with 18 volunteers on site all day. With a number of school staff deployed to supervise proceedings, the testing of students before they returned went very smoothly and the second wave of testing, involving pupils leaving their lessons briefly, has gone ‘like clockwork’. 

Testing at Home - From next week, we will be issuing packs of devices so that after each student has done three tests in school, they will be able to continue testing at home under your supervision. You will be issued with enough devices to continue testing twice weekly through the Easter holiday; details will follow soon. Please see the page later in the bulletin explaining how you can also procure tests for all your household.

Homework Support Sessions - will resume from Monday, 15th March, running from 3pm to 4pm. To maintain year group bubbles, we have allocated a specific afternoon to each year group:

Monday:            Year 7

Tuesday:           Year 10

Wednesday:      Year 9

Thursday:          Year 11

Friday:               Year 8

Parents and carers will receive notification that their child has been asked to stay for the homework support session, by 2pm of that day. Thank you for your continued support.


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to BATTLE:Cambourne in one way or another; logging their miles and sending in healthy selfies. It really was lovely to see how many different people were getting involved with over 2290 logs over the 4 weeks! It was a great community event and we managed to log almost 13,000miles (which is half-way around the circumference of Earth!).

The final standings were:

1st Great Cambourne – 4136miles

2nd Cambourne Exiles – 3741miles

3rd Lower Cambourne – 2655miles

4th Upper Cambourne – 2449miles

We have a couple of prizes to give out including a £10 Decathlon voucher to the top performing students in each area which have been kindly donated by Decathlon Cambridge.

Congratulations to: Fred A in 9B, Euan C in 9C, Max C in 11A and Isabelle J in 10U.

Thanks everyone for being involved, and remember just because you can’t log your miles for BATTLE:Cambourne doesn’t mean you should stop walking, cycling or running!!!

More importantly, BATTLE:Cambourne will return next year. Will Great Cambourne retain their trophy... will we manage to travel further than 13,00miles.... we will have to wait and see!


Wishing you all a good weekend and take good care of yourselves,

Claire Coates

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