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Parent Bulletin: 18.06.2021

18th June 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

Year 11 Assessment

With great relief, we have submitted the grades for Year 11 to the exam boards, this week. Please see the message from Ms Gildea about this, later in the bulletin.  Further information for Year 11 on the process for issuing results will follow in due course.     

Year 10 Exams  

These will take place this year between 5 and 16 July.  Please encourage your children in Year 10 to plan their revision, leading up to their exams.  Information on this was sent to parents of all Year 10 students and fully explained by Ms Gildea in the video on this link:  

The Year 10 Exam Timetable can be found on our website as well as a guide to effective revision techniques can be found here

We are aware that some students have heightened concern over these exams since performance in Year 10 might be taken into account if Covid restrictions were still to prevent public exams taking place next year. We hope very much that this will not be the case, and your children can be reassured that a very full range of evidence, most drawn from Year 11, has been used this year.   Year 10 exams are important in their own right, however, so please do support your child to prepare thoroughly, as per Ms Gildea’s advice.

Covid Testing

Our rate of pupil testing has dropped to 53% over the past week. We know that cases amongst young people are increasing across the county, albeit from a low base, and we’re desperate not to get back to a situation of contact tracing and large-scale isolations. PLEASE continue to test your children and to report the results.

Everyone’s Invited

The College is responding in a range of ways to this national initiative which has exposed the prevalent levels of sexual harassment experienced by many young people - mainly girls - and mainly through peer-on-peer abuse. Perhaps the most shocking finding from the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ campaign is the extent to which many young people now regard some level of peer-on-peer harassment as ‘normal’ behaviour.  Details of the College response to this issue will be fully explained in future issues of this bulletin.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend - despite the wet weather!

Yours sincerely

Claire Coates

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