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Parent Bulletin: 20.11.2020

20th November 2020

This week's parent bulletin with some important messages is available here


Dear Parents and Carers

There are some important messages for you this week:

Covid-19 Monitoring App

A number of parents have told us about a national programme for schools to report Covid-19 data, via the C19-by-Zoe app. We won’t be joining this study because the College has already signed up to pilot a similar scheme with a company called Synoptic Software.

Next week, all parents will be sent a text message with an invitation to download an app to record any Covid- 19 symptoms of their family members. The app is privacy-based and works on a need-to-know basis. By providing the College with real-time daily COVID data, the app will hopefully enable more informed and rapid decision-making that helps to keep pupils and staff safe, and the data gathered will enhance critical national scientific research and analysis of COVID cases. When a positive case is identified, the affected person’s data is made available to NHS Track and Trace to ensure public safety and in compliance with the guidelines.

If you would prefer not to receive the message to participate in this study, please email with your child’s name and form, and brief message to withhold your consent, and you will not be contacted.

Whilst the app is bedding in, please continue to inform the College of any Covid-related symptoms in your household on this link .

Covid Screening for CamVC Staff

In addition to the above measure, the Cam Academy Trust has procured a supply of rapid-response Covid-19 screening tests, of the kind being used in Liverpool and many universities. All staff have been offered the test, which we will administer on a weekly basis, and we are delighted to have this extra measure in place to reinforce our Covid Compliancy measures.

Traffic Lights on Sheepfold Lane

We share the frustration expressed by parents at the delays and congestion caused by the traffic lights and have communicated this to the developers. We have called for the manual control of the lights to be reinstated at peak times.

Bike Shed Security

Another theft from the bike sheds has been reported this week. Please ensure that your child has a padlock and that they secure their bike or scooter. Although locked during the day, there are times when the sheds are unlocked and unsupervised, and it is also impossible to tell whether a child is leaving with the correct bike or scooter at the end of the day. All bikes and scooters are left in the bike sheds at the owner’s risk.

Social Distancing

Please continue to remind your children that they must come straight home after school and that they should not be out in Cambourne’s public places with their friends, except with one other person for exercise. It’s really difficult for some students to accept that they are not socially distanced within their bubbles at school, but need to be once they leave the site. However, this is required by the 5 November restrictions and we would welcome your support with this:

PE after-school clubs start again next week – YAY! Please see details later in the bulletin.

Please remember that school is closed next Friday, 27 November.

Wishing you all a very good weekend and take care of yourselves,

Claire Coates


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