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Parent Bulletin 18.03.2022

18th March 2022

This week's bulletin is available here


Dear Parents and Carers

This has been a challenging week in terms of staff absence, through a combination of Covid and other infections, staff needing to care for their own sick children, and some essential staff training.  This situation is replicated across South Cambridgeshire.  We employ five dedicated cover-supervisors to cover the lessons of absent teachers, and seek further support from supply teacher agencies where possible, but it was unfortunately necessary to send seven classes to work from home on Monday afternoon since we could not cover their teacher’s absence. On Tuesday we were missing fourteen teachers but managed to stay open for all pupils.

Support Staff Vacancies

Staffing difficulties in school are compounded by a number of unfilled vacancies for a range of support staff roles.  Many of these have the attraction of being term-time only and around school opening times.  If you are seeking a new position, please do look at the list of vacancies within this bulletin and on the website, and please refer these to any contacts you have who may be interested.

School Access Difficulties

Very many thanks to everyone who has contacted the parties listed in the letter sent last week about the highly undesirable changes to our school access roads, and the ongoing dangers faced by our cyclists on Swansley Lane.  The letter is on the link here: if you have not yet read this, I would urge you to do so and to express your views as you see fit.  I have been contacted this week by the office of our MP, Mr Anthony Browne, who has pledged his support. Your continued pressure on this issue would be very helpful in persuading the authorities to reconsider these damaging plans.

School Activities

A wide range of extra-curricular activities have continued to take place this week, including Duke of Edinburgh Award training for 130 pupils last weekend.  We are endebted to the staff and volunteers who give up their time to support this and the many other activities which enrich the school experience of so many pupils.

We’re excited about the Art Gallery Launch and Event, organised by our Taking Up Space group, on Tuesday 24 March from 6-8pm.  You are warmly invited to join us for an evening of art, photography, sculpture, music, dance and food, to celebrate the diversity of our community and to challenge prejudice. Please do join us.

And finally – BBC Look East will be filming in school on Monday afternoon, as part of a small feature on school recovery after Covid.  Appropriate permissions for any pupils involved have been sought.

I hope you’re all able to enjoy the fine weather predicted for the weekend.

Yours sincerely

Claire Coates

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