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Parent Bulletin 22.10.2021

22nd October 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

Curriculum Extension Days

Pupils and teachers have been enjoying these last two days of curriculum extension activities. New staff in the school have remarked on the enormous, collective effort it takes to send out excursions for four year groups, alongside the great range of activities offered by staff and external visitors on site. I hope your children have been sharing their experiences with you.

Covid Testing

Very many thanks to everyone who tested their children, prior to these coach trips. On checking our testing data after the lowest-ever reporting rate last week, we realised that we were calculating the testing rate as a percentage of all pupils in the school, without taking into account the very significant number that cannot test due to recent infections. With the corrected calculation, the testing rate has risen to 67% of pupils this week, which feels much safer. Please do continue to support us in testing your children through the half-term holiday and into November.

On-line Safety

Please see the details further in the bulletin about a virtual training session being offered to parents and carers next week by the organisation Education Child Protection Limited. The session will complement training being offered to students within their PSHE lessons and should be very useful for any adult finding it hard to keep track of what their children are accessing on their mobile devices.


  • 12th November – Pupil Covid vaccinations
  • 24th November – Pupil Flu immunisations
  • HPV immunisation postponed: new date pending

 If you have any queries about your child’s vaccinations, please contact

Free School Meal Holiday Vouchers

All eligible families should have received their e-vouchers during this week. This scheme is part of a package of support being offered by the Government this year, with some further grants available to families who do not meet the threshold for free school meals. Details can be found on this link:

Household Support Grant and we expect further information from the Local Authority next month.


There’s a strong sense that everyone is ready for the half-term holiday, after seven intensive weeks of work and play. I hope that you all have a very enjoyable break.


Yours sincerely

Claire Coates

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