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Parent Bulletin 24.09.2021

24th September 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

Covid Vaccinations

Vaccinations for Covid 19 are being delivered at the College on Tuesday 28 September by a dedicated NHS team. Our school staff have been asked to arrange a timetable for the process but are not otherwise involved. Please note that the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust confirmed last week that eligible pupils aged 12-15 years will be receiving a single dose, not two. The Information letter and consent form are available here

Our School Nurse is unable to answer queries about the Covid vaccinations but parents and carers with questions or concerns are signposted to the following information:

HPV Vaccinations

These are not taking place on the same date as the Covid vaccinations and further information will follow.  HPV vaccinations will be held on:

  • Year 8 - 23rd
  • Year 9 - 15th


Pupil Wellbeing

The Kooth service, designed to support the wellbeing and resilience of young people, is running free online parent / carer information sessions, designed to help them understand how Kooth can support their children. Information is available on this flyer. There is a mixture of evening one-hour sessions and lunchtime bitesize sessions giving opportunities to ask questions.


Parent Governor Elections

Please see the separate School Post sent today and take the opportunity to vote for your second parent representative on our governing body.



Many pupils have heeded our message that they need to cycle safely on the dedicated cycle paths – surfaced in pink - or on the roads in Cambourne, and that they should not ride their bikes on pedestrian paths. The small minority who continue to ride on footpaths or dangerously in any respect will receive after-school detentions if seen, from next week. Please do reinforce this message with your children, as many parents are picking up from our local primary schools as we finish school. I have received many messages about unsafe riding on the roads by pupils, and the danger to pedestrians from massed bikes on the footpaths.

Please see the body of the bulletin for further important information and the many opportunities available to your children.


Yours sincerely

Claire Coates


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