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Sale of branded school uniform

4th August 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

The following branded school uniform items are now available from Essential Schoolwear at SALE prices:

Skirts:                   -from £7.63

Girls’ trousers:       -from £6.88

Boys’ trousers:       -from £7.13

Shorts:                  -from £6.25

At the end of last term I reported to you the results of our school uniform consultation and families’ support for a move to non-branded trousers, skirts and shorts for the next school year, which was agreed. A greater-than-expected drop in sales of branded items has now created a problem for one of our uniform suppliers, Essential Schoolwear, which holds considerable stock.  The College has therefore supported a discounted offer and we request that parents please continue to purchase these items at SALE price from Essential for this school year, so that we can move fully to non-branded items in the future when stocks are used up. 

The suppliers’ website is on this link:  Essential Schoolwear 

  • Essential Schoolwear is holding pop-up shops at CamVC on 24 and 25 August 5 - 7pm, for all year groups, when all sizes of garments can be tried on and purchased.
  • When ordering on-line, families can avoid the delivery costs by asking for the items to be delivered to school. Orders placed by 12 August will be available for collection after 25 August.   

I apologise for any confusion created around this issue and hope that parents and carers will still benefit from our efforts to reduce the price of school uniform for next year, while supporting our uniform supplier.   If non-branded uniform items have already been purchased, these will be accepted next term, provided, as previously stated, they resemble the branded items in all respects except logo. 

Yours sincerely

Claire Coates



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