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Secondary Transition for Year 7 - September 2021

25th February 2021


On Monday 1st March 2021 all offer letters will be sent out by Cambridgeshire County Council, directly to the applicant's home address. Anyone who applied on-line and requested notification by email will receive an email on the offer date Monday 1st March and can view their offer online via the Citizens Admission Portal.

Accepting your Place

If you have received notification from County Admissions offering your child a Year 7 place for September 2021 at Cambourne Village College, which you would like to accept, please use the Citizens Admission Portal to accept your place.

If you are unable to accept your place online, please email with the following details:

  1. Your child's full legal name
  2. Your child's date of birth
  3. Your full name and relationship to child
  4. Your contact number
  5. Your home email address, of which you are happy to receive the registration documentation/correspondence. 


Declining your offer

If you wish to decline a place allocated for your child, please complete the slip at the bottom of your offer letter or confirm your alternative schooling arrangements by letter/email. This can be brought to the school marked for the attention of admissions, or emailed to

Declining an offer can only be in writing and we cannot accept verbal notification. The place will not be removed until such time as we receive written confirmation. In your letter/email please we require:

  • The name and address of the school where you have a confirmed place. Being on a waiting list or appealing is not sufficient to withdraw the allocated place.
  • Name of the country you are moving to, if you are moving out of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

You need to have alternative schooling arrangements in place before you decline any offer, as your place will be offered to applications on our waiting list.


If you have any queries about the Year 7 place offer you have received, please contact Admissions at Cambridgeshire County Council on 0345 0451370

All allocations and management of the waiting list is processed by Cambridgeshire County Council and you will need to contact them directly for any queries. NO allocation decisions or information on the waiting list will be given out by ourselves to parents.

Thank you 

Vanessa Popplewell

Admissions Officer 

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