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The Value of Studying Languages

12th March 2019

Nationally, fewer than 50% of pupils take a language GCSE. Here at Cambourne VC we are proud to promote the value of language studies. As part of our promotion of languages we have invited some guest speakers to share their experiences of the value of language skills in the workplace.

'Natalie Keuroghlian came to the Year 9 language classes to tell us about the importance of languages in the workplace. She works in marketing at Gewiss, a company on Cambourne Business Park. She told us about why knowing a language can help you get jobs more easily and that it can help you in the work itself. We really appreciate the school organising such an important thing that made us realise why we need to learn languages.'

Kelsey Patterson, 9R

'Last week in our German lesson we had a visit from Aidan Smith who works at Barons BMW.  He spoke about his job and how learning a language in school can help in the job market. Aidan Smith’s job title is a “Product Genius” and he has to memorise the details of BMW cars such as horsepower off the top of his head. He also told us that when he left school at 16 to go to sixth form he went to his nearest car dealer and worked Saturdays without being paid for two years. When the BMW Barons opened up near our school he applied for a job and they were astonished with his experience and commitment and gave him priority. Speaking German has given him big advantages especially going over to Munich to meet people in the German side of the business.'

Luke Paffett, 9R

Thank you to Natalie and Adam for sharing your experiences with us.

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