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Update 22.05.2020

22nd May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Congratulations to making it to the end of the half term! 

Reopening of schools:  I’m sure you have many questions about this: please follow this link to a presentation about plans for further opening at Cambourne Village College when it’s deemed safe to do so:

This presentation lasts fifteen minutes (sorry!) and I hope will answer many of your questions.  Mrs Moody is sending a separate School Post message to the parents of Year 10 with arrangements for next half term.

Year 9 After-School Option Subjects:  Year 9 pupils, who opted for an additional after-school subject, today received an email confirmation of their place in these Key Stage 4 courses.  A letter confirming the timetabled days/times of these classes and payment arrangements will be sent to parents/carers after half term.  We still have a limited number of spaces in each of the additional after-school option classes – Art, Statistics, Psychology and Film Studies.  If your child had not originally opted for an afterschool course but would now like to join one of these classes, please email  Please note that, with the exception of Art, we will not be starting these courses until September. 

Healthy Selfie CompetitionMessage from the PE Department

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the healthy selfie competition! Over the last week, we have had a staggering 120 pictures sent in from 100 different students! Remember, if your child would like to participate, please send the healthy selfie through to, from your own email account, giving your permission for us to post on Twitter.

Year 7 are smashing the leader board across all the other years with more than double the number of healthy selfies being sent in. Well done guys and keep it up!!!! We will be accepting entries over half term as well so please do stay active and get out the house as much as possible during the next week – especially in the glorious sunshine.

Additionally, do keep an eye out for our upcoming Virtual Interform Competition that will be happening straight after half term. More about that on Monday 1st June.

The current standings as of midday in the Healthy Selfie Competition for each year are:

Year 7 Top three:

1st place: 7A – 850 points

2nd place: 7E – 450 points

3rd place: 7O – 400 points

Year 8 Top three:

1st place: 8R – 350 points

2nd place: 8U & 8O – 300 points

3rd place: 8B & 8C – 250 points

Year 9 Top three:

1st place: 9R – 350 points

2nd place: 9O & 9M – 250 points

3rd place: 9U – 200 points

KS4 Top three:

1st place: 10A,M,B,O,N all on 50 points

Come on year 10 – you need to be active too!!!


Please see our Facebook pages for the Friday ‘Shout-Outs’ - Thank you again for all of your support with your children’s learning, and I hope that you can all manage a relaxing and enjoyable break.

With all good wishes and take care of yourselves,

Claire Coates


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