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Year 11 Update

24th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 11

Firstly, a thank you for the way your child approached his/her last days in school. The pupils were an absolute credit to you.

There are some updates that we can share now – and more of course will follow as things are confirmed in coming weeks.

  • Coursework completion is still an absolute priority for work at home, as explained in last week’s SchoolPost.
  • If your child is set specific work – for instance, in Further Maths - it is for a particular and important reason. They absolutely must complete it, following direction from the teacher.
  • OfQual have said that students will have, if they want, the opportunity to sit exams next year. For that reason, in subjects where the full course content had not yet been covered, we will set work for this to be covered fully and thoroughly after Easter.
  • We will not release reports to you as had been planned before Easter. We will wait for updates as to what is going to be required from such reports in relation to the awarding of qualifications.
  • Projected results have been, and still are, visible on Go4Schools. Please bear in mind that we can’t guarantee that this is what students will be awarded – we expect that specific types of evidence may be required. Again, we will confirm as soon as announcements are made.
  • If your child has marked mock papers that were completed in school and have been brought home, please keep them safe. We may ask for them back in school, if they are to be called for by exam bodies.
  • We intend creating valuable learning resources that bridge students from their Key Stage 4 courses, towards their intended Post-16 courses, in conjunction with the Post-16 providers. This will be for study in the summer term.

Many thanks again for all the support you have given us in recent weeks and the past years,

Emily Moody

Deputy Principal

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