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Year 7 Trip to Beaumanor

22nd July 2019

Year 7 took a trip to Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire during Activities Week this year.  They spent the week doing various outdoor activities and camping in the field.

An average day at Beaumanor started off with Mr Sumner banging pots and pans to get the boys up, and Miss Boyns doing the same to wake up the girls.  One morning, the girls were treated to Mr Page and his “choir” singing scales very badly (thanks very much for that!).

We would then get ready and go to breakfast in the hall.  Everyone enjoyed the full English breakfasts – particularly the hash browns!

It was then time to grab our kit for the day and meet on the basketball court for our first activity.  There were many fun activities to take part in, including orienteering, the nightline, archery and code breaking.  One particular favourite was the high ropes.  This included three activities: the quick jump (where you jumped straight off the tall tower); the aerial trek (which challenged you to navigate an assault course 12m up in the air!); and the zip line (which you zoomed down with a view over all of the park).  We also really enjoyed canoeing.  Students took the minibus to the nearby canal and paddled down the river, with the chance to jump in at the end if you wanted.  The real challenge was getting back in the canoe!

Lunch was a good time to meet back with your friends and tell them what you had done that morning.  We ate sandwiches on the grass with Capri Suns and Pom Bears.

After lunch, we went to our last activity of the day.  We then ended with assembly, where we shared highlights of the day and celebrated each group’s Star of the Day.

Next, we went to dinner back in the hall and had free time, in which we could play games on the field with our friends or pop down to the shop.  One evening, we had the opportunity to do the Leap of Faith.  This was where we had to climb up a wobbly totem pole and then jump to grab the trapeze bar.  It was really terrifying at first but so much fun!  On the last evening, we had a disco in the gym, and danced to the Macarena.

Before bedtime, we had hot chocolate served by the teachers accompanied by pop music, and then we got ready for bed.

All in all, it was a really fun week, and we all enjoyed it.  We all wished we’d stayed longer!

By Keeley, Ruby, Ryan, Chloe, Holly, Vrishin, Temi, Kabir, Fred, Indi, Alex, Zara, Melissa, Megan, Frankie and Miss Clash.

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