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Yr 11 GCSE GeographyTrip to Epping Forest

25th March 2019

On Thursday 14th March, 65 Year 11 GCSE Geography students travelled to Epping Forest to complete their final piece of fieldwork on Rivers.

Students travelled into the heart of the forest to investigate how Loughton Brook, a small river, changes downstream.   Armed with wellies, waterproofs, clipboards, tape measures and metre sticks, students took width, depth and velocity readings at three different sites along the river.

Along the walk students saw several meanders, river cliffs, tributaries and a storage pond (photo needed).

The Environment Agency were completing some maintenance work in the area, and explained to us the need for the storage pond and embankment to reduce the likelihood of flooding in Loughton.

Students had some free time in Loughton for lunch (where it seemed many ended up in KFC!), before completing a short walk down to a much deeper part of the river.  Our wellies were just about high enough!

It was an enjoyable day and our Year 11 students returned to school with all the data they needed to complete the investigation.

Mr D. Burgess

Head of Geography

Comments from Emily 11M:

Today we embarked on our adventure to Epping forest; where we did a number of activities investigating the rivers different courses and depths to see whether it changed throughout the different stages. This was our fieldwork for our geography paper 3 exam and a recap of the coasts and rivers unit where we learnt key words for paper 1- physical geography.

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