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Yr7 - Meet the Tutor Evening

4th September 2019

Year 7 parents and carers are warmly invited to our Year 7 Information Evening, which will be held on Thursday 12th September, from 6.30pm until 8.15pm.

The evening includes a formal presentation in the Main Hall relating to your child’s learning, and a presentation from, and chance to meet, your child’s tutor. It will run as follows:


X half: CAMBO

Y half: URNEV


Presentation: Main hall

Tutor presentation: Green wing classrooms


Tutor presentation: Green wing classrooms

Presentation: Main hall

This is an opportunity to hear from a number of subject leaders on how you can best support your child’s learning, and a demonstration of ‘Show My Homework’, which will enable you to check the homework your child has been set each day, on your mobile device. We will explain the extra-curricular events and visits that are on offer for Year 7. Your child’s tutor will talk through the role of the tutor and the way tutor time is spent each morning, as well as home-school communication and school policies.

We have been delighted with the way that our new Year 7 has settled into school: they are making an excellent first impression, quickly learning our routines and meeting our high expectations of behaviour. Many class teachers have commented on their positive attitude to learning in the classroom. Thank you very much for sending them to school well equipped and in such smart uniform.

Please try to attend on Thursday evening: the information will be helpful to you in supporting your child in Year 7. Please be aware that children should not be brought into the main presentation in the Hall. We have the capacity for a small number of children to be supervised in a classroom, watching a film while the presentation takes place. We hope that this will be helpful to those parents and carers who, due to the need for childcare, would otherwise not be able to attend.

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