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Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of School Closure at Short Notice

On rare occasions it is sometimes necessary to shut Cambourne Village College at short notice. This can happen for a number of reasons, including on days when weather conditions (such as heavy snow) make it dangerous for our school community around the site and can make it impossible for enough staff to get into school to provide adequate supervision for the pupils.

Shutting the school is clearly disruptive to the education of pupils and can be very difficult for parents to manage, and so the decision to close school is always taken after much consideration and consultation with relevant authorities (for example the Highways Agency).

If it becomes necessary to close the school, this decision is usually made early in the morning, so that messages can be sent out before pupils would be leaving home. We will communicate this in the following ways: 

  • A message will be placed on the front page of the school website.
  • Local radio stations will be informed and will regularly announce the closure.
  • We will use ParentMail and SMS to send out updates. 

It is extremely rare for school to shut during the course of the school day due to the difficulties associated with endeavouring to safely manage the transport home for over a thousand children who are largely reliant on school bus services. If this eventuality did arrive, pupils would report to their tutors who would, along with the year team and senior staff, coordinate individual transport arrangements. It is therefore important that we are informed if any contact details have changed recently.