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Pupils at Cambourne Village College are eligible for FREE bikeability cycle training funded via Cambridgeshire County Council. Outspoken Training, a local cycle training provider, has been chosen to deliver the training.

The Bikeability award scheme is the National Standard for cycling. The course is designed to equip cyclists with knowledge, skill, and on-road experience to make a journey safely and confidently by bike on local roads. The main aim is to encourage more cycling.

The level 2 training course is designed specifically for year 7s who want to start to make on-road trips by bike.

The level 3 course (improving skills) is for pupils who can ride a bike and wish to make on-road trips by bicycle. It is not aimed at children who have no experience of cycling and participating pupils must have already achieved Bikeability level 2 to take part in this course.

Booking a place

Booking is made directly with Outspoken via the links below. Spaces are very limited.

Level 2 Monday 12th – Tuesday 13th August 2024

Level 3 Wednesday 14th August 2024

Level 3 Thursday 15th August 2024


The Bikeability course at Cam VC is offered and run by Outspoken Cycles. 

Public Email:

Public Telephone: 01223 473820