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Developing Reader

A Developing Reader

  • Is gaining control of the reading process
  • Is able to read simple texts independently
  • Shows interest in growing range of material
  • Can read suffixes and contractions and understand purpose
  • Is starting to develop a more extensive vocab of sight words and fluency
  • Uses varied sources of information to enable them to understand what they read
  • Has improved fluency - so they understand more of what they are reading
  • Evaluates books
  • Will be using short books with simple narrative shapes and illustrations

To Support Parents Can;

  • Continue with reading routines
  • Discuss reading areas that reflect curriculum topics and interests
  • Allow children to choose their own material
  • Facilitate a range of reading experiences: paired reading, book clubs, reading aloud, sustained periods of quiet uninterupted independent reading
  • Provide recommendations from adults and peers
  • Continue to listen to your child read aloud
  • Embed comprehensive and interpretation of texts by developing question skills and inference (include illustrations that give deeper meaning than is on the page) ideas as to character motivation, story structure and language
  • Continue to model reading and supportive strategies
  • Develop culture of reading. Does your child have friends who read? Could you read to them whenthey have friends round?
  • Ensure their teacher's knowledge of quality books is wide ranging
  • Support children to view reading as a social activity. For example by listening to an audio book over dinner and then discussing it