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Experienced Reader

An Experienced Reader

  • Makes choices from a wide range of material
  • Is comfortable reading aloud and silently
  • Is able to access a wide range of texts independently and at ease
  • Is more able to cross check range of clues to assist in comprehension
  • Can decode unknown vocabulary without impeding fluency
  • Is developing strong references in authors and genres
  • Can recommend books to others based on their reading preferences and giving reasons
  • Will ask questions of the text to enhance understanding
  • Is more able to appreciate nuances and subtleties
  • Is able to read between the lines and make explicit connection with other reading and personal experiences

To Support Parents Can;

  • Ensure access to wide range of texts
  • Provide sustained periods of silent, uninterrupted reading daily
  • Books groups can be set up to ensure engagement of fluent non-readers
  • Create a reading environment - a corner / chair
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop deeper responses to text and illustration through art, music, performance and drama
  • Continue to discuss their reading with them - the discussions are as important as the reading