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Cambourne VC - Primary Music School

Every week at the Cambourne Music School over 80 children (aged 7-11) take part in exciting musical activities on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Monday Music School (Woodwind & Brass)*

Would you like your child to learn to play Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet or Trombone? If so, sign them up for the Monday Music School. We teach both beginners and improvers.

Each week they get a 30-minute small group lesson, a 30-minute session doing various rhythm-related activities, and games to help them to read music more quickly, and a one-hour band session, with music specifically written for beginners and improvers.

Sessions run from 4.15-6pm on Mondays, and cost £120 for sessions (including a lesson) or £100 for ‘Band only’.

Tuesday Music School (Keyboard Improvers)*

If your child is already learning to play the keyboard then they should come along to the Tuesday Music School.

Improver sessions are aimed at pupils learning up to about Grade 1 and they'll take part in various musical games and activities

Sessions run from 4.15-6pm on Tuesdays, and costs £100 for the year.

Wednesday Music School (Keyboard Beginners)*

If your child wants to learn keyboard maestro then they should come along to the Wednesday Music School.

Pupils will learn the keyboard, as a beginner, but will have fun with it with various musical games and activities.

Sessions run from 4.15-6pm on Wednesdays, and costs £100 for the year.


We have made every effort to keep the cost of these sessions as low as possible, and there are further discounts available for pupils attending more than one group. If your child would like to take part but the cost of the sessions is too high, please contact us, as we may be able to offer some financial assistance.

*If your child already attends one of the other Music School evenings, you are entitled to a further discount.


All Music School sessions are open to:

  • All pupils who are in Years 2 – 6 (from September 2021)
  • Pupils who have already been learning with us
  • Pupils who have already been learning elsewhere
  • Pupils who want to start learning for the first time

For further information please download the Music School Letter and to apply please complete the Music School Form and return to Reception at Cambourne Village College.