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Fluent Reader

Fluent Readers

  • Approach texts with confidence but may still need support with unfamiliar materials
  • Developing stamina as readers and are able to read for longer periods and cope with more demanding texts
  • Can read silently and monitor their reading. They may still need support cues and guidance
  • Children at this stage rely less on phonics and identify larger units (syllables). Increased fluency aids comprehension and allows them to self correct
  • They are confident with familiar texts but may still need support with the reading demands of information texts or longer complex fiction
  • Select books independently and can use information for reference purposes
  • Show understanding through discussion and writing. They are receptive to views of others and engage in discussions about texts and their impact
  • Begin to infer beyond the literal - thinking about what might be happening / how characters are feeling / whether what's written could have implications / second meanings

To Support Parents Can;

  • Establish a clear daily reading routine at home
  • Support child to self select texts from a range of platforms to broaden and enrich their reading experience
  • Books in series and collections of poems. Emphasise information and expression when reading aloud (doesn't have to be voices)
  • Collect lists of words child doesn't understand - maybe a bookmark. Then go through with the child / ask teacher to