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Cambourne Village College is a fully inclusive environment where all pupils are welcomed, accepted and able to thrive. We run a number of special provisions to support pupils who face particular challenges at school to achieve their full positive potential.  Please follow the links below for further information.

The Centre is the home of our Special Educational Needs Department.

The Link is our provision for pupils who suffer anxiety or other mental health conditions which have an impact on their ability to attend lessons.

The Blue Room offers support for pupils who have emotional, social, or behavioural concerns which result in the young person not coping well with certain aspects of school life.

The View – Alternative Provision. This is our specialist centre for pupils requiring a partial or complete alternative educational provision outside of the mainstream classroom.

Young Carers: A high proportion of our pupils provide care for a member of their family. We have an active Young Carers group through which these young people are supported to benefit as fully as possible from school life, alongside their caring responsibilities. Please follow this link to access the Cambourne Village College Young Carer’s Commitment Statement.

LGBTQ+  A support group is run for and by pupils who are exploring issues of gender identity, or who have chosen a gender other than that assigned at birth. Please follow this link to access the LGBT+ Toolkit for Schools and Colleges by Cambridgeshire County Council.



Disability Equality Scheme and Action Plan

Equality and Diversity Policy

Information Sharing Policy  (This covers issues of confidentiality)

Social Emotional Mental Health Referral Process