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Independent Reader

An Independent Reader

  • Is self-motivated, confident and experienced and capable of tackling demanding texts
  • Can read thoughtfully and appreciate shades of meaning
  • Is capable of locating, retrieving and drawing on a variety of sources in order to research a topic
  • Can distinguish between fact and opinion
  • Is willing to take on more challenging texts
  • Can make predictions on details stated and implied content
  • with encouragement an independent reader becomes more critical of what they read and what writers have to say as well as beginning to notice the effect of writing on them
  • Can comment on organisational structures and language
  • Can express views formed from all reading. Explaining and justifying personal opinions and challenge alternative views

To Support Parents Can;

  • Talk to their child about their reading
  • Maintain a reading routine
  • Provide opportunities for children to read beyond those that they self select i.e. make suggestions on what to read
  • Demonstrate how to tackle demands of increasingly challenging material
  • Engage child in debate and discussion and talk around character, themes and intent