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Mature Independent Reader

A Mature Independent Reader

  • Is enthusiastic and reflective with strong established tastes across a range of genre and reading materials
  • Can handle a range of texts
  • Can recognise that some texts require different styles of reading
  • Can identify the effect of a text on the reader and some comment on how effect has been created
  • Can identify themes and conventions demonstrating an understanding of their use
  • Is able to evaluate evidence from a variety of information sources
  • Is developing critical awareness as readers: analysing language, form and structure
  • Is more able to question/admire aspects of content, form and function
  • Can recognise prejudice
  • Is extending their knowledge of ambiguity or irony

To Support Parents Can;

  • Sustain and challenge children's literacy tastes
  • Inspire critical reflection
  • Try and stay informed about children's publishing - follow authors / publishers / librarians on twitter
  • Encourage child to make comparisons between texts
  • Nurture skills of reflection and criticism through discussion, debate, book talk and clubs
  • Demonstrate that texts may be biased, inaccurate or inadequate
  • Encourage child to log on to Infiniti - use features to explore reading choices