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Moderately Fluent Reader

A Moderately Fluent Reader

  • Is engaging with reading
  • Can read with confidence for more sustained periods of time
  • Will blend returning to a familiar range of texts with beginning to explore new types of text independently
  • Will be looking at larger units of words to help them decode effectively
  • Will be reading more fluently
  • Developing confidence in tackling new texts independently
  • Is showing growing enthusiasm for a wider range of texts
  • Will be starting to link new reading to their own experiences

Older readers may;

  • Still need help with reading demands of a classroom
  • Begin to take on more of the reading for themselves as their reading experiences increase

To Support Parents Can;

  • Maintain a rich reading programme that will nurture a child's experience of literature
  • Continue to hone increasing competence and develop stamina
  • Nurture skills of reflection and criticism through debate, book talk and book clubs groups
  • Listen to audio books over dinner